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Soft Cleaner can have the powerful capacity to make your computer system daily as fast as possible so that you can improve your work standard as ease. Its optimized and inbuilt cleaning strategy provides a better path to speed up any type of slow computer system.

Publisher Description

Window 8 CompatibleInstant and sustained PC boost. Speed up total computer background process and sleek working over internet and other programs including media, java, eclipse, visual studio, etc for normal or advanced engineers too it helps for a vital role. Instant & sustained PC boost* - Optimize memory - High performance PC Temporary Internet files, cookies, history created by programs Windows error reporting, random logs and more Windows media player temporary files, MS office recent Instant optimize real system performance, HDD Long life* Non-using prefetch files history, high speed analyze Microsoft management console, Reduces system crashing issues* Autocomplete history, Visual Studio and unwanted traces, Reduces inaccurate responses of mouse, keyboard, software Recent documents history, recycle bin, macromedia flash temp Only one fastest powerful tool speed up slow PC saves your time Strongly keeps your PC health more smart, better and smoother ever Automated configured cleaner, one touch optimize and clean Obsolete files, Recycle Bin, Memory dumps, Clipboard and more Easy to use, Friendly simple gui, speed up entire programs, for games PCs Feel fastest internet always - Clean cache, history, cookies, session, downloads information - Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Vivaldi, UC Browser Include Everything: From slow PC to speed PC - Integrated optimization

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